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CONET of Welfare in Sudurnes

- Sudurnes Collaborative Network of Welfare -

What is CONET of Welfare?


In Sudurnes region, there are four municipalities that together form a welfare network around the residents of the area.

The municipalities are:

  • Grindavik

  • Reykjanesbaer

  • Sudurnesjabaer 

  • Vogar Muncipality

In CONET we have four organizations that take part, those organizations serve residents directly and have operations in Sudurnes region, there are:

  • The District Commissioner of Sudurnes

  • Police Commissioner of Sudurnes

  • Sudurnes Hospital & Health Center

  • Sudurnes office of the Directorate of Labour

CONET of Welfare

CONET is a holistic collaboration project to improve residents' better-quality of life and well-being in Sudurnes region.

There is a widespread awareness that residents are often unaware of offered available service and where to seek information about public service or the community. Thus, focus has been on ways to motivate residents' activities in social life, the job market, and other parts of life. CONET is working towards minimizing the complication of the welfare system.

Information about public service is made adequate and effective. Service providers are trained to be more service oriented and deliver sustainable service that enables people to live independent. Residents are being trained to be self-sufficient in information gathering and service seeking. This transformation is being integrated to all service provided within the region.

All residents of Sudurnes gain from the project. The residents of the four municipalities are approximately 30.000.

In March 2022 an Innovation Action Plan was completed. Since then four teams of CONET has activily worked towards these objectives.

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